Choosing Safe Toys For Your Puppy

Choosing Safe Toys For Your Puppy

Choosing safe toys for your puppy is very important. There are right and wrong toys.  The first thing to know is always avoid rubber toys.  They are easy to pop, shred and swallow.  This can be both harmful and costly.  When rubber makes it to the stomach and intestine, it swells and can easily block the digestive tract. This causes an obstruction which requires surgery and hospitalization for toxicity due to the inability to void.  Rubber toys are always made to look clever.  Only give them to your puppy  with supervision. Otherwise, they should be avoided.

Plush squeaky dog toys are fun, but not harmless.  They are soft and fun to mouth, they squeak which is quite delightful if you are a dog, or a kid!  However, the stuffing can become a dangerous obstruction if ingested.  Same for the squeaky part inside the toy, and even the thread that holds the toy together.  If the toy becomes damaged, it is best to immediately dispose of the toy.  Plush toys are best for gentle dogs who are not adapt to destroy toys.  Plush toys are generally not good investments for puppies.

Choose Safe Toys For Your Puppy

Puppies love to chew. There are good things to chew, and bad things to chew.  Provide safe toys for your puppy, otherwise they make chew on the legs of your furniture eg: piano leg.  Rawhide is not a good idea. They love it, but it usually ends up getting eaten. It can upset or even block their digestive system.  Even if it passes, it will probably cause gas and diarrhea.  Playing ball is one of the safe toys for your puppy. Choose balls that are not so big that they run over your puppy. Nor should they be small enough to be a choking hazard.  Dogs frequently inhale or swallow balls that are too small.  This is hazardous to their health, and your pocket book.  A word of warning, however, once the ball is broken, that is, once you can ‘pop’ it in your hand by squeezing it, throw it away.  It just became a hazard.  A broken ball can now easily be pulled apart and swallowed.  Time to choose other safe toys for your puppy.

Make Your Own Safe Toys For Your Puppy

Socks with knots tied in them make excellent tug-o-war toys. They are one of the safe toys for your puppy with supervision.  If you tie knots in the socks and keep them in their special toy box or basket. Then,they will quickly learn between what is yours and what is theirs.  Don’t allow your puppy to chew on socks as they too can be swallowed and cause a blockage.

If you don’t want to encourage your puppy to find socks to play with, heavy rip proof rubber pull toys are available and are probably easier to grasp – for you, that is.  You should offer other safe toys for your puppy. Some that are different shapes, and sizes.  Some that make different noises. The more your puppy has to do that is acceptable, the less trouble they will tend to get into . Make sure safe toys for your puppy are everywhere to avoid  getting ‘bored’ and finding something ‘to do’!

About The Author
This article was written by Laura Anderson, a veterinary technician with more than 15 years experience in the veterinary field. The views and statements expressed in this article, and all other articles found on Puppy’s Place, do not under any circumstance, constitute veterinary advice. Always seek professional veterinary care for your pet.

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