Ear Cropping History

Ear Cropping History

Ear cropping has been a fairly common practice for several centuries now.  Ear cropping has been more common during certain periods than others. This ear cropping history will take a look at what could be considered a more practical reason for ear cropping.  We will also examine the more cosmetic reason for ear cropping.  In the end, you will have a more complete understanding of ear cropping history. We will also answer some questions about ear cropping.

Traditional Ear Cropping

Ear cropping history shows the original reason for ear cropping was that the dogs whose ears had been cropped needed to fight. The reasons they needed to fight were many and varied.  Ranging from hunting animals that would try to attack them to purposely being pitted (quite literally) against other dogs.  Dog fighting is no longer legal in most places (thankfully).  There are also other reasons dogs might need to fight (defending other animals, for example). So the practical purposes of the practice remain relevant even in modern times. This is particularly true of cropping the ears of dogs which serve as livestock guardians.

Any agricultural culture which still relies heavily on the raising of sheep is still going to be one in which ear cropping is reasonably common.  Ear cropping history again shows the reason for this is that it reduces the possibility of other dogs or wolves grabbing these guardians by their ears during a battle. The ears on these dogs were (and are) often cropped immediately after weaning, while the dogs are still puppies. There are certain places where this practice is no longer legal.

Cosmetic Ear Cropping

In addition to the practical reasons for ear cropping, there are  cosmetic reasons. These cosmetic reasons are an equally prevalent part of ear cropping history . This has particularly been the case for the last century. Some people claim that this cosmetic cropping enhances dogs’ hearing. Maybe helps prevent ear infections, but there is no scientific evidence. The most common reason for the practice is that it is part of the standards which have been established for some breeds in some dog show exhibitions. The procedure is also know as otoplasty. It is still usually performed when the dog is a puppy.

In ear cropping history it was and is often performed on dogs while they are still young.  As when they get older, the procedure causes them to experience quite a bit more pain and suffering.  After all, up to two-thirds of their ear flaps are being removed. Then the wounded edges are being closed with stitches. After the procedure itself, the ears are bandaged and taped so that they will heal in the proper shape. If this process is unsuccessful, the procedure itself can be redone. Though amateur cropping is not illegal in the US, it is recommended that ear cropping be performed by a professional.

The decision on whether or not to practice ear cropping these days remains to be made by each individual dog owner. The dog show officials will have a role to play in influencing this decision as well.  As ear cropping history continues to unfold, the practice will decline, but perhaps not. In the end, only time will tell.

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