Feeding Puppies Kibbles Or A Raw Food Diet

Risks Of Feeding Puppies Kibbles

Feeding puppies kibbles or a raw food diet. Dog owners are grappling with the choice between feeding puppies raw food or feeding puppies kibbles with the popularity of the raw food diet. We want to make that choice easier for you. We would like to say that it is far better to feed your puppies a raw food  diet than  feeding puppies kibbles. However, you are probably looking for some more information. In the interest of fairness, we will state both the pros and cons of each type of food. In then end, after your own analysis, we believe you will agree with our recommendation.

What Are The Risks Of Feeding Puppies Kibbles?

One of the risks of feeding puppies kibbles is that it is full of additives and other chemicals which can have an adverse impact on their health.  It is also true that dogs who eat kibbles are more likely to overeat. That’s because your dog instinctively feels like he or she needs to eat more in order to receive all the necessary nutrients. This additional weight can cause other health problems for your dog as well.  We have yet to even mention the fact that the proteins found in kibbles are often very low quality, which can really put a strain on the digestive system.

Are There Any Benefits Of Feeding Puppies Kibbles?

All of that said, there are also some benefits associated with feeding puppies kibbles. To be fair, we should mention them so that you will be assured of making a fully informed decision. It is certainly less expensive, and it is more convenient, too. One of the reasons it’s more convenient is that it doesn’t take as long to prepare. It also eliminates the need to perfectly balance your puppy’s diet manually. If you accidentally give your dogs too much protein, that could actually be detrimental to their health. Kibbles minimized that risk because the packaging will tell you exactly how much protein is included.

What Are The Benefits Of The Raw Food Diet?

In the final analysis, we believe that the benefits of the raw food diet far outweigh those of feeding puppies kibbles. One of those benefits is that the raw food contains a lot of nutrients your dogs need, especially during the puppy stages. Keep in mind, though, that the benefits your dog will enjoy by eating raw food last into the later stages of life as well. Some of those benefits are a shinier coat, increased energy levels, and stronger, healthier teeth. Your dog will also enjoy healthier skin and better digestion if you feed them a raw food diet.

Are There Any Risks Associated With The Raw Food Diet?

Just like it was fair to acknowledge that there are some benefits associated with feeding puppies kibbles. It is also fair to acknowledge that there are some risks associated with the raw food diet. One of those risks is that your puppies might choke on some bones. Obviously, making sure their food is thoroughly de-boned will greatly minimize this risk. As we mentioned before, there is also the risk of feeding your dog too much protein if you are feeding it raw foods. That risk can be eliminated by carefully measuring your dog’s food and familiarizing yourself with its protein content.

The Ultimate Decision

Ultimately, the decision is obviously yours, but by now, we think you will agree that feeding your puppies raw food is much better for them than feeding your puppies kibbles. Each of them has their pros and cons, but all things considered, we believe the raw diet is the way to go.

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