Information You Need To Raise Your Puppy

 Information You Need To Raise Your Puppy

Just added a puppy to your household? Questions about feeding, vaccines, or house training?  You’ve come to the right place!  Here at Puppy’s Place we strive to collect the most important information you need to raise your puppy to a safe, healthy, and happy dog.  We provide resources on all topics related to puppy raising – nutrition, health,training, behavior, and product reviews. Below is a summary of socialization activities and the different periods a puppy will go through. If possible try to take your puppy to a puppy kindergarten and then follow that with a more formal obedience course. It is essential that you get your pup “out and about” over the next few weeks.

Information You Need To Raise Your Puppy To A Healthy Dog

At around eight to ten weeks the puppy goes through a fear period where it is extremely susceptible to physical and psychological trauma, the effects of which may be permanent and irreversible. This makes the ideal time to adopt a puppy at between seven and eight weeks of age. At this age, the pup is capable of forming strong relationships with both dogs and human beings, though most breeders will not allow a puppy to leave prior to 8 weeks of age unless it is to a trusted, experienced puppy home.It seems that whenever a parent hears those words, the reaction is always the same … a heavy sigh, maybe a little roll of the eyes. That innocent little question voiced by a child ranks among the most popular of childhood requests. As parents, most of us would like to give our kids the experience of growing up with a pet, but puppies are hard work, right? Absolutely! eep in mind that like us, the dogs learn by association. They associate the good and the bad with what was said when it happened or whether or not you were involved. Think of the example of teaching a puppy not to jump up on you. If you call a puppy to you and it jumps up on you and you hit it in the face with your ball cap, then the pup associates going to you with getting hit in the face. Sure you stopped it from jumping up on you but you also stopped it from coming to you. What I do is lightly step on one of its back feet, making sure I don’t make a sound when I do it. This is good information you need to raise your puppy to a healthy dog.

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