Puppy Boarding

Puppy Boarding:

This article in about my experience with puppy boarding and dog boarding over many years.
I grew up with dogs, but my mother took care of them. My spouse grew up on a farm so there were farm dogs around.

First Puppy:

After buying our first house we wanted a dog. So we got a cute three month old German shepherd.  Neither of us knew anything about how to train a puppy or all the work involved with having a puppy.  We took classes and most of the time things were not bad.
Then, we decided to take a holiday to see family when the now puppy was a two year old dog. We would be driving across the country,  so we had to find a place that did puppy boarding. This is very important and we learned the hard way. We picked the first place without doing research or looking for other puppy boarding or kennels. She was a dog, but still a puppy in lots of ways. So we should have looked for place that did puppy boarding. Then, two years later we went again across country and I still feel to this day that she was abused in the kennel as she was very thin, and acted strange when we brought her home.

Next Puppy:

After she died it was at least 12 years before getting another puppy. I told the family before we got this 4 month old puppy that she would not be going to puppy boarding or dog boarding as she grew older. This was a mistake as she only knew the family. It was fine until she was about 12 years old and my children had left home and we wanted to take a holiday.  She was too old for puppy boarding of course and we had no place to leave her , so we didn’t go on a holiday. She always had gone with us on holidays or stayed home with our daughters.

Puppy Mistake:

After she died I got a 3 month old puppy, another mistake after having a dog for 12 years. He was a good puppy with house training, walking and classes. So I thought we could take a holiday when he was 9 months. I had asked the breeder when I got him if puppy boarding was alright with her. Thinking he would be in the pens with the older Shelties and have fun. I found out when I went to pick him up that she had kept him away from the other dogs, saying that they could be mean to him as he wasn’t one of them. So I started to look for puppy boarding places and found one that was alright except he would be in a pen all day, except for 1 walk a day. He got hit by a car when he was three and so I only took him to that puppy boarding kennel once.

Research And More Research:

I did a lot of research before getting my next Sheltie. I got a 10 month old one, but he still was a puppy until he was about 3 years. I went to many places that had puppy boarding and dog boarding before I finally found one through the SPCA. The person who owed the kennel was different than all the rest. First, when I went with the puppy (as she insisted I bring him for the meet and greet part). I was a really impressed as she said hello to me and then continue to talk to the dog, not me (she said it was important to build a relationship with the dog as that who was going to stay with her not me, made sense to me.) Even though he was in a kennel there was a doggie door for him to go out and run in a fenced in area with the other dogs, completely supervised. I was very happy especially when I went to pick him up. He saw me, came over to say hello and then back to her, sat and waited until she gave him a cookie. This is one of the things over the years I found very important. When you go to pick up your puppy that he is happy to see you, but is still interested in the owner of the puppy boarding place. He went many times to this place even when he got cancer. She was very understanding and treated him very well.

Present Dog:

It was 4 months before I found my present companion on the Sheltie Rescue site. I had decided by then I wanted to give a rescue dog a forever home. He had been abused and so when I went to see him, he came right to me. He is now 11 and still a very needy dog. I made arrangements that when I went away he could stay with her. She had raised Sheltie for years and the other Shelties seemed to be ok with him. I had him for about 9 months and felt he was ready for a week away, when I returned she said in 25 + years of having Shelties she never had a jumper and her yard didn’t have that high of a fence.
So again I was looking for a place for him. A traditional kennel would not work as he needed a homelike environment. I found a place that was the perfect arrangement. On a ranch where she only took no more than 5 dogs, they either slept in their own crate or on one of the dog beds in the living room. It was perfect. The last 5 years he has been going there on a regular bases. When I pick him up he is happy to see me, but takes time to say goodbye to the owners.
What I hope you have learned from this article that puppy boarding needs research, time and lots of looking for that special away from home place for your companion when you want or need to get away.

 About This Author:

The views and statements expressed in this article, and all other articles found on Puppy’s Place do not under any circumstances, constitute veterinary advice.
Always seek professional veterinary care for your pet.

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