Puppy Deworming – What To Expect After Deworming

What To Expect After Puppy Deworming

After puppy deworming there are lots of things which you should expect.  It is important to remember that not all of the effects of puppy deworming are unpleasant.

Expect To See Some Worms After Puppy Deworming

Puppy deworming is very effective in the elimination of parasites.  Those worms have to get out somehow. Do not be surprised when you see them. They are seen in your dog’s stool.  They can also be seen in vomit. Seeing worms in your dog’s stool (and vomit) is one of the most common effects of deworming medicine. Though unpleasant, it is indeed a clear sign that the medicine is working. This effect is temporary. If these symptoms persist more than two days, contact your veterinarian.

Expect A Temporary Change In Personality After Puppy Deworming

Aside from being able to see some worms, also expect  to see a temporary change in your dog’s personality after puppy deworming.  One of those changes is that your dog may become somewhat lethargic, seeming to lose much of its energy. This can be very alarming if you aren’t prepared for the change.  Just like the other adverse side effects of this medication, this one is normally temporary. If your dog does not get their energy back in a couple of days, call your veterinarian.

Other Side Effects

Other side effects which are common after puppy deworming is loss of appetite for a few days. You may see worms in your dog’s stool and vomit. We need to clarify that  stool will often take the form of diarrhea during those couple of days of recovery. When you see worms, don’t be surprised if some of them are still alive. Some of the medication used for this purpose only paralyzes them instead of killing them.

Expect A Healthier Dog

Remember, not all of the effects of puppy deworming are negative. The main one, the elimination of the parasites themselves, is entirely positive. Remember, those parasites are harmful.  If they remain in your dog’s body, they can cause many serious health problems.  The fact that you won’t have to worry as much about those kinds of things is a very positive effect.  You can also expect your dog’s coat to look healthier. Plus, once the negative side effects have passed your dog will likely express even more energy and affection than before.

When To Call The Vet

We have  provided several answers to the question of when to call a veterinarian after puppy deworming.  If the negative side effects of puppy deworming are present in your puppy for longer than 48 hours, call your veterinarian.

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