Puppy Feeding Schedule

A Great Feeding Schedule for Puppies

 We will give you first a short explanation of the best puppy feeding schedule, then, a more detailed explanation. The main thing to remember about a puppy feeding schedule is that they need three measured meals every day, preferably at the same times. The best time for the first of those meals is around seven am. Noon is a great time for lunch. Then, five pm to eat dinner. This may sound a little early for dinner, but it gives your puppy plenty of time to digest their food before going to bed.

Making a puppy feeding schedule

Puppy Feeding Schedule

What you should be Feeding Puppies

Proper nutrition is vitally important to the overall health of your puppy. The best recommendation here is that you avoid feeding puppies cheap dog food. Cheap dog food contains a lot fillers and sugars instead of an adequate supply of the proper nutrients that they need. Also, those lower quality foods can cause constipation and diarrhea. Since you are also trying to house train your puppy, those are two things which you will certainly wish to avoid. Once your puppy is a little older,  between fourteen and eighteen weeks, then the puppy feeding schedule can be reduce to two meals a day.

How much you should be Feeding Puppies

A good puppy feeding schedule is important to not feed them too much. Some breeds always seem to be hungry, so it easy to feed them too much.  This in turn can lead to obesity.  This could lead to further health problems later for your puppy. If you are in doubt as to the proper quantities of food for your puppy feeding schedule for your particular breed, the worst thing you can possibly do is just guess. It is far better to ask your veterinarian.  Or maybe ask another owner of the same breed. Try to keep in mind that because cheaper foods are less nutritious, your dog may attempt to eat more of them in order to compensate. For more information on how to feed your puppy, read this article.

When Your Puppy Doesn’t Seem to Want to Eat

Sometimes, on a puppy feeding schedule your puppy may not want to eat.  This problem is rarer than the danger of over feeding, but it does happen.  A simple trick you might try is to have your puppy feeding schedule where your puppy eats in their crate. That way, they won’t feel threatened or distracted when trying to eat. It is important to have your children aware that the puppy feeding schedule is a time to leave the dog alone when they are eating. If the dog feels as though the children are trying to steal its food (even if they aren’t), then it may bite them.

Some Other Advice for Your Puppy Feeding Schedule

When planning your puppy feeding schedule you need to consider your own availability to take them outside to use the bathroom. You will want to do so about fifteen minutes after they eat. This gives time to be ready, but you should also be prepared for the fact that later on, they may need to eliminate again. You are going to have to have some patience with your puppy feeding schedule.  As with most other things relative to pet ownership, the long term rewards are more than worth the extra effort which is initially required.

In Summary

In short, you are going to need to exercise some of your own common sense when planning a puppy feeding schedule, but with a little patience it will be fun for the whole family.

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