Puppy Inoculations

When You Should Not Give Puppy Inoculations

When you should not give puppy inoculations may seem strange to you.  It is important to understand that some puppy shots may actually do more harm than good.  We’re going to explain why. Then, you can make a fully informed decision on your own.

Background Information On Puppy Inoculations

A number of veterinarians have come to realize that a lot of puppy inoculations actually cause more diseases than they prevent. That may seem shocking to you.  Since you have probably heard the praises of puppy shots.  There is a growing amount of data to support that conclusion. Sometimes, you don’t even notice the symptoms of the problems your dog is experiencing before it’s too late.   Puppy shots don’t even guarantee immunity from the diseases they are trying to prevent. They only increase the odds of not contracting those diseases.

When Puppy Inoculations Are Unnecessary

Puppy inoculations are offered sometimes in the form of a “mega shot”. This is a single injection that offers a number of vaccines. The problem with this approach is that it contains a number of vaccinations your puppy doesn’t need. Since we know many vaccinations can do more harm than good. We would strongly urge you to consider avoiding this “mega shot” altogether. Instead, only get those core puppy inoculations required by your local laws. That way, you get maximum protection with minimum risk. Also, you will really be doing your pet a favor.

When Puppy Inoculations Are Boosted

It is still a tradition to have  puppy inoculations boosted every year. We think this is very unfortunate for a lot of reasons. These vaccinations can often do more harm than good. They are also completely ineffective. It is very likely that your one year old dog will still have antibodies left from the  puppy vaccinations it received.  Therefore, those old antibodies are going to neutralize those new antibodies anyway.  The chance these annual boosters will harm your dog, however small, is greater than the chance that they will help it.

Beware Of The Racket About Puppy Inoculations

Racket may sound like a harsh word to use in a discussion of puppy inoculations. We believe that is exactly what is going on in certain sectors of the veterinary industry. By making you feel guilty about not bringing your dog in for its annual boosters. So unscrupulous veterinarians can enlarge their coffers. Some of them even go so far as to threaten to deny your beloved pet life saving care. Unless it is what they refer to as “current” on their shots. If you vet is trying to use any of these tactics on you. It is time to find a new vet.

Sticking To Your Plan About Puppy Inoculations

Some people say that puppy inoculations shouldn’t be administered at all. Others say that puppy inoculations should only be boosted once every three years; not annually. Once you have made your decision about which course you would like to pursue. You will need to stick to that plan. In spite of pressure you might receive from various sources to do otherwise.

 About This Article

The views and statements expressed in this article , and all other articles found on Puppy’s Place, do not under any circumstance, constitute veterinary advice.

Always seek professional veterinary care for your pet.

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