Signs of Dog Pregnancy

Signs of Dog Pregnancy are important.  Telling if your dog is pregnant can be difficult in the early stages.  An unaltered female dog will come into heat about every 6 months.  At this time she ovulates and is able and anxious to conceive.

Many dogs can become pregnant by accident.  This is difficult to determine when to start counting those days.  You need to know when her heat cycle started. Then, you can narrow it down to about 10 days into that cycle as a rough guide.

A Female Dog May Show The Following Signs Of Dog Pregnancy

1. Increased appetite

2. Decreased appetite

3. Engorged mammary glands

4. Milk production

5. Change in Normal behavior

6. Increased sleeping

7. Nesting behaviors

8. Vaginal discharge

9. Firm abdomen

10. More frequent need to urinate

False Signs Of Dog Pregnancy

Many of these signs may be present if a dog goes through afalse pregnancy’.  Following her heat cycle is always a good idea. It is also a good idea to have a veterinarian confirm the pregnancy. The little skulls and backbones show up best. Also, you can do a physical inventory in the image.

Other Signs Of Dog Pregnancy

Diet, Appetite and Stress

During her pregnancy and while she is nursing, your dog will require a special diet to help her with proper nutrition for the growing family.

Watch for signs of stress toward the end of the pregnancy. Her temperature will usually drop a couple of degrees just before she goes into labor.

It is important to watch these signs of dog pregnancy during the last few days. This is one of the best reasons,  then you will know  how many puppies to expect, that way you know when she’s done.

About The Author

This article was written by Laura Anderson, a veterinary technician with more than 15 years experience in the veterinary field. The views and statements expressed in this article, and all other articles found on Puppy’s Place, do not under any circumstance, constitute veterinary advice.

Always seek professional veterinary care for your pet.

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