Raw Food Feeding For Puppies

Raw Food Feeding For Puppies

Raw food feeding for puppies should start while they are still in the womb.  It is important that their mother is being fed raw food while she is still pregnant with them.  It is true that you are not always in control of this. While you can ask about it, or just do it yourself if you own the mother. It is also possible that you have purchased a kibble fed puppy. Now you are looking for information about when the best time is to start feeding puppies raw food that have previously been fed with kibble.

Feeding Puppies Raw Food Right Away

It is important to start feeding puppies raw food as early in their lives as possible. So, when you bring home a kibble fed puppy, right away you will want to begin introducing raw food into its diet. You will obviously want to introduce it gradually. The reason for this is that when you are making any change in any dog’s diet, it is always best to make those changes gradually. The reason it is important to start working those raw foods into your dog’s diet early is that it needs those nutrients while its brain and body are still developing.

What About Bacteria When Feeding Puppies

Some people are concerned that when they are feeding puppies raw food they may be feeding them too much bacteria. This is actually not something you need to be worried about. Your puppy lives in a world full of bacteria anyway. What’s more, every time he or she goes outside, your puppy is exposed to even more bacteria. As a matter of fact, any puppy that has ever been outside at all has already consumed so much bacteria that it can already more than handle the amount which is found in its raw food. Besides, some of that bacteria will actually serve to strengthen your dog’s immune system anyway.

More About Bacteria

Those of you concerned about feeding puppies too much bacteria should keep in mind the fact that in one gram of dirt, there a billion microbes of bacteria and nearly half a million multi-cellular animals. Every time your puppy licks his or her paws, which you probably see them doing all the time, they are consuming more dirt. That just goes to show you that the extra bacteria you may be introducing by feeding them raw food is not really an issue. Besides, the benefits of that raw food are tremendous. To further illustrate that point, we will now turn our attention to those benefits.

The Benefits Of The Raw Food Diet

The benefits of feeding puppies raw food are quite substantial, and they transcend the fact that the bacteria will strengthen their immune system, as important as that is. Remember, there are lots of nutrients found in abundance in raw food that your puppy needs, especially while the body and brain are developing. So, by feeding your dog a raw diet during those developmental stages, you will be preventing certain health problems from potentially developing later on in your dog’s life. There is lots of protein in raw food, and its fats are balanced. Its mineral and antioxidant contents are also both very rich.

Get Started Today

If you have yet to start feeding puppies raw foods, you need to do so as soon as possible. By feeding puppies raw foods, not only will you be making them healthier now, but you will also be making them healthier later on in life. Both of you will reap the benefits of this decision for many years to come.

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