Traveling With Your Puppy

Traveling with your puppy for summer vacation can be a marvelous experience.  A complete family picture!  There are some very important things to remember to keep you all safe and happy.

Very Important When Traveling With Your Puppy

The number one thing you have to remember when traveling with your puppy is to never leave him in the closed car without you…not even for a few minutes.  The car can become an oven in a very few minutes.  Dogs can’t get rid of heat from their bodies by sweating, so panting is all they can rely on.

In an enclosed hot car, all the dog is exchanging is hot air.  This is very dangerous.  Heat stroke can overcome a dog in a matter of minutes. Also ,it is often fatal.  Can cause permanent brain damage if they do survive.

A dog is more likely to get into trouble even on a moderately warm day if he stresses out when you leave the car.  When he paces, barks, whines,  frets, he will work himself into a state that isn’t safe.

Ventilation Is A Must When Traveling With Your Puppy

When traveling with your puppy there are a few items to consider purchasing.  Window guards are available that allow the window to be down several inches while still protecting your pet from escaping.  These are a must if you plan to be on vacation with your pet.  Ventilation is the key!

 Safety Items Available For Traveling

  You might consider a barrier that keeps him from freely jumping (or falling) over the back of the seat.  It keeps him safe from doors that get left ajar, from minor car accidents, and windows left open.

If he will be traveling in the back seat you might want to invest in a harness that clips into the seat belt clip. This will keep him properly tethered in case of accidents. Also, it keeps him from lunging out the door before you are ready for him to do so.

Be sure to take a lunge line or a tie out cable if you plan to stop at rest stops along your travel.  Give him a little wiggle room too so long as it is Traveling safely away from the road and other hazards.

Important to Have Water Available When Traveling With Your Puppy

He should have plenty of water available.  When you pack your cooler, make sure his jug gets in there too!  Soft packable bowls are available. Plus they take up less room than standard ones.  You might want to keep a couple around for his food and water.

Traveling Dogs can also get car sick, just like anyone else.  Bonine is available over the counter and generally very effective.  Check with your veterinarian for the appropriate dose.

A Few Others Things To Make Traveling With Your Puppy A Fun Time

Another item that may be useful to have is a waterproof pad or mat for him to rest on.  At least throw in a comforter or a favorite blanket for him to rest on.  It is preferable that it be easy to clean.

A few toys that make him feel at home are a must.  If he is crate trained you might invest in a soft collapsible crate for those times when you will be away from him. This is if you think he would feel safer that way.  When shopping for dog crates, make sure you match the size of the crate to the size of your pet.

Don’t let taking your friend along be daunting or unsafe.  Plan and prepare just a little and this promises to be a great summer vacation full of wonderful memories!

About The Author

This article was written by Laura Anderson, a veterinary technician with more than 15 years experience in the veterinary field. The views and statements expressed in this article, and all other articles found on Puppy’s Place, do not under any circumstance, constitute veterinary advice.

Always seek professional veterinary care for your pet.

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