When to Spay Your Puppy

When To Spay Your Puppy

Spaying dogs is part of responsible dog ownership. One of the most important question is when to spay  your puppy .  Female puppies can become pregnant as early as five to six months of age.  So a puppy spaying age to prevent this  should be before five months. Is there a point during those first five or six months when to spay your puppy.  First,we must first examine some other questions about when to spay your puppy.

What Is Spaying Dogs?

You may be reading this article without even knowing exactly what spaying dogs is.  For you to understand our recommendations regarding when to spay your puppy.  We need to explain what exactly the procedure entails. It is the surgical removal of the reproductive organs of a female animal. If it were a male animal, the procedure would be referred to as neutering. The specific organs that are removed in a female dog are the ovaries and uterus .`

Why Should It Be Done?

Besides the question when to spay your puppy , an important question is  why it should be done . If you are not convinced of the necessity of the procedure, the answer to the “when?” question  might be “never.” That shouldn’t be the case. The main reason for spaying dogs is that it reduces the pet population.  Thus reducing the demand on animal shelters. For owners, they also benefit from a reduction in certain undesirable behaviors associated with mating. It also prevents further health problems from developing.

When Is The Best Time For Spaying Dogs?

When to spay your puppy depends on a number of factors. If your dog is already an adult, then any age is fine. It is better to perform the spaying procedure prior to sexual maturity. If your puppy is going to be competing in dog shows.  You will need to ask your veterinarian for a more specific recommendation in order to ensure the necessary physical development. If not, then they can be spayed as early as eight weeks old.

Will Spaying Change My Pet’s Personality?

For those of you worried that spaying your puppy might change their personality.  You really don’t have very much to worry about. In fact, if there are any changes to your pet’s personality after the procedure. Then you are likely to perceive them as entirely positive changes. Now, they won’t be distracted by their mating instincts. Therefore, you will most likely have an even easier time training them. This is a very positive change indeed. There will not be any reduction in their playfulness. They will still be just as affectionate as they always were. This is typically what most pet owners are worried about.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully you will decide to have your puppy spayed. Also, that we have adequately demonstrated  that spaying dogs is important.  Spaying dogs has benefits for you, your dog, and the rest of society. It’s a win-win-win situation. You should call your veterinarian for an appointment.

About This Article

The views and statements expressed in this article, and all other articles found on Puppy’s Place, do not under any circumstance, constitute veterinary advice.

Always seek professional veterinary care for your pet.

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